Consistency is key!

Hello Families,

We know that Structure and Routine Promote Positive Mental Health. Here are some Tips for Setting up a Daily Routine for Kids and Teens during the COVID-19 School Closures:

Try to keep bedtime and morning wake up times the same as a regular school day.

Refer to school websites to find out bell times and recess times (Preschool Schedule is below). Use these as a framework to plan your day.

For elementary aged children, co-create ideas for special projects in each subject (writing, art, math… don’t forget gym class!).

For teens, access any assignments and on-line learning modules from their school web platforms. Help teens to set up virtual study groups with classmates.

Encourage teens and older kids to ‘teach’ a virtual school lesson to younger kiddos (recycled science fair projects anyone?).

Look to the array of free online resources for virtual field trips, read-alongs, lesson plans, etc. Get creative.

Consistency is key!

For more mental health info check out our website:


•regular bedtime, wake-up and mealtimes

•getting dressed and ready for school (even though they’re at home)

•time for learning

•time for breaks

•daily physical activity

•daily communication with friends and family

A Typical Day at C&S Preschool

Class time is from 9:00am to 1:00pm

  • Table Time
  • Circle and show and tell
  • Wash hands and toileting
  • Snack time
  • Free Play & Fine Arts
  • Clean up time
  • Outside time
  • Wash hands and toileting
  • Lunch time
  • Arts and Crafts at unstructured art centres
  • Closing circle and story time

– Miss Meagan