Out of School Care

Education Program

Children’s involvement in stimulating activities enhances their overall development.  Our fundamental goal is helping children learn more about themselves and the world around them through creative and varied experiences.  The following are some of the benefits and skills we see emerging for their experiences.

  • Initiative, satisfaction and confidence
  • Social skills
  • Skills in manipulating and coordinating
  • Mastering concepts
  • Increased curiosity and discovery
  • Self- help skills and empowerment
  • Physical exercise


To provide a safe and caring environment for all who enter. Our open door policy is our way of allowing parents/caregivers to be a part of their child’s experience. Our staff is all ECE qualified and strive on making the experience one to remember.

Our Focus

The focus of C&S Child Care Inc. is to provide children and youth ages 5-12 with a large variety of recreational and social activities which promote opportunity for learning and growth in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere.

Our program runs parallel to the school year of the Delta School District

Our goals are as follows:

  • To provide children with good quality after school programming while ensuring their safety in a well supervised environment.
  • To provide both appropriate social and recreational programs for each child that is in accordance with their developmental and physical level.
  • To give the children the chance to experience their community

To provide the parents with peace of mind while they are at work knowing that their children are cared about and well cared for.

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity to learn a broad range of experiences that are integral parts of a healthy and happy childhood.

Our programs are free play based but structured programs to provide children the opportunity to develop their skills in all areas.  We believe children learn through interacting with others and experimenting with different mediums.  Our environment allows children to explore the world around them in a safe and predictable setting.  Children are encouraged to be independent, make choices and tap into their own style of learning.  As children all learn differently, we strive to work with each child as an individual while also guiding them to work responsibly in a group setting.

Quality Child Care is essential for children to learn cognitive concepts, fine and gross motor skills and creativity.  We feel that the child’s emotional life is crucial at this time in their development as they branch out and start to watch, and be influenced by people around them.  Children need positive reinforcement and encouragement as they explore their own feelings and the feelings of others.  Your child will be treated with dignity and the respect they deserve to grown into confident adults.