Guidance & Support Policies

Our goal at “C&S Child Care Inc.” is to help children build as individuals by challenging their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development, in a safe and secure atmosphere. Children will learn to build confidence within themselves through interactions with peers and teachers.

At “C&S Child Care Inc.” we, as caregivers, will strive to provide a fun, loving, and caring environment for all those under our care. We will follow specific strategies and techniques to help us better respond to the children’s behaviour. We will use both prevention and intervention strategies and techniques. We feel that the following strategies and techniques best support our guidance policy:


  • Establish clear, consistent, and simple limits
  • Focus on the behaviour, rather than on the child
  • Provide choices


  • Acknowledge feeling before setting limits
  • Model problem-solving skills

Accountability Procedures

C&S Child Care Inc. believes:

  • that every child and staff member has the right to feel safe, secure and happy:

Accountability is important to fulfill this belief.

  • On the part of the Staff to do their best in providing a nurturing and safe environment
  • On the part of the Child to exhibit acceptable behaviours
  • On the part of the Parents to work with and maintain communication with Staff

Our Three Cooperative Goals

  1. To encourage mutual respect, cooperation and communication among children, parents and staff members.
  2. To promote positive social interactions and to set a good example for each other.
  3. To provide a safe environment that encourages children to be responsible and concerned for each other wherever possible.

Positive behaviours are encouraged and reinforced daily in our Out of School Care Program.

The staff focus is on positive social interaction, mutual respect and cooperation.

C&S Child Care Inc. staff, along with management, work together to create a safe, secure environment for the children.

Children Requiring Extra Support

If your child has varying abilities which require extra support, we will accept your application on a wait list basis pending funding from REACH.  We may ask if you are able to provide funding for extra resources or for support staff.  Due to funding restrictions, we cannot guarantee that there are extra resources available. Also, please let the staff know if your child is receiving any support for speech or behavioural challenges. We are here to support your child and family, not to judge.

* If you know your child has a safety plan in place at school, a copy of this needs to be given to C&S Child Care Inc. so that we can plan ahead for your child to be successful.

Guiding Behaviour

Once your child has been accepted into our program, and in a few cases where behaviour is inappropriate, meaning the behaviour interferes with the safety and well-being of other children or staff, the following procedure is practiced;

  1. An incident report will be filled out.  One will be put in the child’s file and a copy will be given to the Manager and the parents.  Staff will discuss strategies for managing behaviour with the parents.
    If the behaviours are repeated;
  2. Another incident report will be filled out, one put in the child’s file, one given to the Manager and the last one given to the parents.  Staff will discuss further strategies of managing the behaviour with the parents.
  3. The Management Team, depending on the behaviour, will contact the parents and advise them that the behaviour will be monitored closely and there may be a possibility that if their child continues to interfere with the safety and well-being of others, they may be asked to withdraw from the program.

C&S Child Care Inc., reserves the right to withdraw a child if the safety of another child has been compromised, or the program as a whole has been affected by a child’s inappropriate behaviour.

However, all other options, where there are any, will be made available to the parents by the C&S Child Care Inc.

All efforts will be made to set the child up for success, even if it means a short suspension, or change in placement.

If a child needs to be withdrawn, the decision to refund the parent will be at the discretion of the C&S Chid Care Inc.  Refunds are not guaranteed, as staff will not be let go if a child is withdrawn.

Aggressive Behaviour

Aggression can certainly be part of a child’s behaviour when angered or frustrated.  Should your child have an aggressive episode involving another child, both sets of parents will be notified of the incident, including what guiding behaviour techniques were used, how each child was feeling, and how the incident was resolved

When a child’s aggression becomes habitual and constantly disrupts the activities of the day, either by taking staff time away from the others, or making other children afraid, then we need to evaluate our capabilities.  C&S Child Care staff is not designed to, nor equipped for, dealing with habitually physically aggressive children.

We also believe that all staff has the right to feel safe from harm during the workday. It is our collective responsibility to support and ensure the safety of our staff.  Please review the Accountability Procedures and Behaviour Management Guidelines laid out in your Parent Handbook.

  1. In the case of a child showing repeated aggression toward a staff, you, the parent will be informed both verbally and in writing. Incidents reports will be filled out and you will be given a copy.  Another copy will be placed in your child’s file.We also believe that every child has a right to feel safe in C&S Child Care Programs.
  2. In the case of a child being aggressive toward another child or children, once again, you will be informed verbally and in writing. An incident report will be filled out with a copy being given to you and one placed in your child’s file.
  3. If the aggression comes to a point where other children become afraid or we feel    their right to enjoy the Out of School Care becomes compromised, it may result in the withdrawal of your child from the program.


We understand that you are sharing a wide range of personal family information with us. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you that we strive on keeping this information strictly confidential. It is of the utmost importance that you do share any pertinent information regarding your child, so that we can ensure we are doing everything possible to maintain their personal safety and well being.