Welcome to our C&S Child Care Blog!

Welcome Friends and Families of C&S Child Care,

As you are aware, C&S Child Care is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 Crisis.  At this time, while we want everyone to stay home and stay safe, we MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! So we have decided to start a blog! Please bare with us as this is all new to us, but we hope that this will allow us to stay connected with our amazing families during this difficult time.

Our goal is to provide families with some resources that you can use with your children while at home. Of course the things we share here are meant to enrich your child’s learning but by no means add more stress to your daily lives.  So whether you use the tools or not, we hope that you will still follow along so we can stay connected.

Wishing you all a very safe and healthy day,

C&S Child Care Inc.